Web & Interactive

No other marketing medium delivers a one-to-one brand experience like the Web. Unfortunately,
most companies are investing substantial dollars only to use e-business at a fraction of its potential. To
improve your marketing results, process efficiencies and service methods online, you need an e-partner
who can integrate business development, business best practices and usable technology into your web
platform while managing your brand in the process. At Strata, we build web sites with short and long-
term goals in mind; where messaging, functionality and user experience adapt over time, and where ROI
becomes attainable and measurable.
Interactive Presentation to Capture Overactive Minds.
With attention spans shrinking and message saturation growing, innovative marketing and training
presentations are imperative to keep people focused and move them to action. Your communication
must be concise and brief, yet thorough and potent. Strata’s experience in the selling, marketing and
training process allow us to deliver incredible presentations every time.
  • Web Strategy – User Experience
  • Site Maps and Wireframes
  • Web Design
  • HTML, Flash, CMS programming
  • Mobile Marketing
  • iPad and Smartphone Apps – Design and Programming
  • Digital media & press kits
  • PowerPoint
  • Video/Animation and Multi-Media
  • Kiosks
  • Interactive CD/DVD 
  • Social Media Strategy, Consulting