Brand Development

Branding differentiation in any market is critical for every business serious about long-term success. The
challenge exists in attributing the right philosophy and approach to building brands that breakthrough
market saturation straight into mind-share. At Strata-Media, we simplify corporate, service and product
branding by helping clients develop powerful brands to secure front-of-mind positioning in their
markets. Through strategic and creative thinking, we’ll develop a successful brand that moves your
market to buy from you instead of your competition.
Compelling design, outstanding production and consistency of message, however, are just part of the
brand mix. Today, how you sell, service and support your market carry equal brand weight. Through
our collaborative process – BrandROI™ – Strata can audit, plan and optimize a total brand experience
to position you as the only sensible choice in your industry. It’s a comprehensive commitment that will
position you as the leader in your category with a brand that has staying power and growing net worth.
  • Branding architecture
  • Brand building, Integration and brand management
  • Brand auditing & performance research
  • Competitive brand research & analysis
  • Enterprise-wide brand implementation
  • Mergers & acquisitions branding strategy
  • Product & corporate naming
  • Positioning and tagline R&D
  • Legal search services
  • Corporate identity
  • Style guides & graphic asset libraries
  • Comprehensive Collateral Design and Production
  • Advertising campaigns