Case Studies



KidWorks is an Urban youth organization focused on restoring at-risk neighborhoods one life at a time through education, positive youth activities, and encouragement. They provide a pre-school, after-school tutoring, youth mentoring programs, teen leadership training, and special programs for families in Santa Ana,California.

The Problem

KidWorks’ brand and positioning statement were fragmented, and didn’t convey their purpose and mission in a powerful, concise manner. Their logo was industrial and unfriendly. Their tagline was, “Restoring At-Risk Neighborhoods One Life at a Time,” which was accurate, but not compelling, and not easy to say or remember.

Like any non-profit organization, KidWorks wanted to raise more money for their ministry. They wanted to somehow communicate the essence and heart of what they do. When they approached us, KidWorks was about to move into a new building, and so the need for financial support had never been greater – and the timing for refreshing their identity could not have been more opportune.

The Solution

  • Create a new brand position for KidWorks based on their mission, vision, and goals
  • Create new brand platform and campaign, including a new logo and identity package
  • Create a new brochure with creative messaging and branding based on the new positioning statement and look and feel, and targeted towards potential donors and contributors
  • Design a plug-and-play newsletter template for their donor base and exterior signage for their new building

The Result

  • Developed a new positioning statement, “Touching Lives With Hope,” that concisely and powerfully communicated the core of what they do as an organization. “Hope” was a word not previously used in their marketing materials, but it perfectly summed up their philosophy and goals
  • Designed a new logo for the organization that communicated a human touch, a special emphasis on children, and a warmer, more inviting look and feel
  • Designed new marketing collateral, which was based on the theme of “hope.” The  brochure focused on testimonials and built from “one child” to “one community,” showing how hope can transform a community one life at a time
  • Branded a Donor Club called “KidsClub,” and came up with the tagline, “Making Hope Happen” to encourage potential donors to get involved
  • Applied the new look and feel to their monthly newsletter to contributors, and to exterior signage for their new building


So far, KidWorks’ new branding and communication strategy has been successful. They are already starting to outgrow their new building, and the demand for enrolled neighborhood children is so high that they have a waiting list. They have successfully been meeting their financial fundraising goals. And KidWorks is continuing to build their identity and credibility in the community and surrounding areas.