About Strata


About Strata

 Our Philosophy: Strata maintains several primary goals for our clients; to increase business net worth, stock valuation, market share and brand equity. We fulfill this by providing our clients with strategy and tactics that move the needle where it needs to be moved. Meaning you’ll never find us presenting proprietary methods or the latest and greatest because they sound cool and makes us appear current or smart. For us tactics need to be under close scrutiny, and should to be qualified into relevance like any other.

Our Culture: Strata is a diverse collaboration of seasoned creative, marketing, technical and business executives. Leading by example, our people and our network are our brand! We integrate our collective experience to provide the most compelling approach to building your business how, where and when you want it built.

Our commitment: Although you may not often hear it said this way, there are no self-serving motives at Strata. We genuinely care for every aspect of our clients, their business and the relationship we share together. We value keeping every commitment we make, sharing the full truth of what we know (and don’t) and being cognizant on an ongoing basis what will serve you best.

Our commitment: Strive to make you more money than you’ll ever spend with us.